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My name is Antonios Chrysakis. I am a professional web developer/designer working as freelance and contractor and a photography enthusiast. I am currently based in Athens where I work in a market research company as a web developer...read more

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If you are looking for a web design project no matter how big or small it is, don't hesitate to contact me with any of your questions and I will be more than happy to help you. contact me

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A website can boost your sales

It’s very simple for shoppers to purchase exactly what they’re looking for. Having a website also allows you to suggest additional products that they may be interested in as back end purchases or up sells.


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What I've been working on

  • Karavas Lab
  • O Kosmos Ton Zouzounion
  • Parnassos Mountains
  • Pasalimani

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I moved to Media TempleApril 6 2009

I moved my hosting to Media Temple Grid Hosting. This way I can host all my projects on this fantastic server which scales according to the needs. Till now everything works fine and the transfer was a breeze.The speed is really good.... read more

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JPG.GRAugust 11 2008

I am working on a new website called jpg.gr. Right now we are in a very early closed beta stage, but if everything goes well the project should be live pretty soon. This is a photography related site, not photosharing, and it is totally COOL!If anybody wants to help on testing and be one o... read more

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Flickr API and PHPFlickrJuly 11 2008

The last few days I've been working with the Flickr API. It is really exciting and the options are limitless. With the API Flickr really opens up a whole world of photography to your hands.I am using PHPFlickr which is a PHP class that ... read more

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