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JPG MagazineMarch 19 2008

JPG Magazine

A friend of mine yesterday sent me a link of JPG Magazine. It's an excellent idea. Photographers post their best photos or they can even write a photo story. Then users favor the best ones and the editors (using some algorithms) choose the best photos that match the current issue profile and publish them. The published photographers win $100 and an annual subscription to the magazine.

It's a very interesting concept since it allows people to have their photos published in very stylish (I don't know how popular) magazine plus they can join a nice community of other photographers and post their photos.

The magazine is published every 2 months and there specific themes that you can post your photos to be published.

For this month's magazine there is a theme called "Human Impact" and I am seriously thinking to upload a photo I shot with the recent garbage men strikes here in Athens.

Visit: JPG Magazine


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