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Canon 40d - Canon 17-85mm IS USMApril 9 2008

I've been using my new Canon 40d for about 2 weeks now. You can see some photos in the¬ image gallery. I recently purchased a new lens,¬
Canon EFS 17-85mm IS USMCanon EFS 17-85mm IS USM, to fit into the new camera. I've been looking for a general purpose lens, something that can be reasonably wide and long enough to capture detail at a distance. Of course price was a very important factor and at 370 euros it was the best I could find. i've read many reviews and I have to mention that the website that helped me the most was¬ The Digital Picture.¬ It has many reviews for most of the canon fitted lenses and helps you compare with photos and other statistics. Definitely a must see if you are interested in a new lens.¬

The Canon EFS 17-85mm is an IS lens which means image stabilization and USM which stands for UltraSonic Motor. The first allows you to shoot photos about 2 stops slower than a normal lens and it really works. The USM allows quick and quite focusing. Most important factor for me though was the quality of the glass used on this lens. It definitely isn't an L(luxurious) series lens but the difference between this and the kit 18-55 is huge.

More to come soon.

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Lori St. Martin says:December 13 2010

Thanks for the review. It helped me decide about the lens I am selecting.


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